6 of The Best Vape Flavorings To Make E-juice

6 of The Best Vape Flavorings To Make E-juice

The vaping industry has seen an exponential growth in the last few years. It’s a tobacco-free, and sometimes nicotine-free substitute for cigarette smoking. But it’s not really smoking as it’s more about the flavored water vapor being inhaled and exhaled. One of the exciting things about vaping is the variety of flavors they offer for e-juices. As diverse as the vape e-juice market is, the new trend is to make DIY e-juice to create a personalized flavor. It’s relatively cheaper, too. You can also choose to opt out of using nicotine if you’re not as confident to handle it as a professional would.  Here is how you can make your own e-juice.

Here are six of our best flavors for you:

TFA Ripe Strawberry

We start off with one of the most classic tastes across the world, and one of our more popular flavors for DIY e-juice makers. The TFA Ripe Strawberry gives off an authentic, not too sweet, smooth slightly creamy, strawberry taste. It doesn’t have a syrupy or candy taste, but mixing it with other juices, you can get to that taste if you want to! It goes well with almost anything, too. You’re sure to enjoy the taste whether you prefer a creamier or even a sweeter flavor.

Inawera Shisha Vanilla

This flavor is a must-have. Its light and sweet, another time-honored flavor that never grows old. You can use it as it is, or mix it with other flavors to enhance creamy or sweet. You can mix it with fruit flavorings, like strawberries, or blueberries. You’ve an option to mix it with creams, coffees, caramels, or even tobacco. A very interesting addition to your e-juice mix.

TPA Cheescake (Graham Crust)

With this one, you can get creative with other creamy or sweet flavors. You can experiment with other flavors such as blueberry or strawberry to get a New York classic taste in your e-juice. The mildly savory cream cheese brings out perfect balance to the sweetness of the graham crust. You can add more creams to bring out a creamier flavor, too! It all just goes according to how your taste palette likes it!

TFA RY4 Double

For that light tobacco taste you crave, we have RY4 Double. It gives you a sweet and rich tobacco flavor with a hint of vanilla and cream. It’s smooth and crisp flavors mix perfectly with more nutty flavors–no, not crazy flavors– just like, peanut butter and pistachio. You don’t even have to be into tobacco to enjoy this flavor. It isn’t best to mix this with fruitier flavors, though.

TFA Berry Cereal

This concentrate is often found in cereal flavored e-juices. It complements the flavor of meringue well, as sure as it does with any other creamy, fruity or even caramel flavors. The earthy cereal taste and the hint of berry leaves so much room for creativity to get your personalized flavor of cereal.

Hangsen Australian Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with chocolates, right? Mix it with any flavor you’d like, get creative! Hangsen Australian Chocolate has that mildly sweet, milk chocolate flavor that goes well with creams, coffees, caramels, tobaccos, mints, nuts, fruits, or even other chocolates. The higher the concentrate, the more bitter the taste, though. So start low and add some concentrate bit by bit until you get your perfect mix of bittersweet chocolaty goodness.

Where and When to Vape

Where and When to Vape

Vaping has been on the rise in the past few years, but it is still relatively new in terms of popularity. Vape shops are popping up in every town, and even online there’s a gold rush to open up the most popular vaping website. The competitive nature of this industry leads most of them to offer deals on their products, which is great for the consumers.

However, some people still haven’t caught onto proper vaping etiquette. There are laws currently going into place that restrict vaping in certain places, some of which are just as strict as actual smoking laws. A lot of us think that just because we aren’t smoking tobacco, there is no laws to follow, but there shouldn’t need to be a law for us to follow some common courtesy’s. Here is where and when to vape in public.

Crowded Places:  Vaping in crowded places is rude. Although ninety percent of the people probably won’t care too much of be affected by the vaping, there will be a few people who are bothered. Just don’t do it, because there is no reason to make people feel uncomfortable or annoyed when they are out in public; wait the extra few minutes to be in a less crowded area.

Cars and Homes:  Unlike tobacco, vaping does not leave lingering smells that are hard or impossible to get rid of. This means that in the privacy of your own home, you can vape without having to worry about the effects it will leave on the house. Cars, on the other hand, are a different story. Vaping leaves a residue on the inside of car windows and windshields which make it foggy and hard to see out of. These effects are long standing unlike the smell. So, whether it’s your own car or someone else’s, it’s best to just wait and vape outside of the car.


Restaurants and Bars:  In restaurants, it is not acceptable to vape. People are paying to be there and enjoy their meals, they do not want your vape sent to wander over to them. This is a hard concept for people to understand sometimes, because the vape flavor tastes so good to you, so why would anyone else be bothered by it, but they will. In a bar, on the other hand, their is often marked off smoking sections which is where vaping would also be most acceptable. If there are no signs or designated rules about vaping, go ask the bouncer or bartender if it is okay to vape in there; it is better to ask than to just make assumptions.

All in all, vaping will not harm the people around you physically, but it is best to use common courtesy when vaping. Vaping is best when away from large crowds or when in designated areas. Have fun and vape respectively.