About Us


What is VaporLok Products?

VaporLok™ Products, LLC is a company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and selling innovative packaging solutions that both protect humans from exposure to the contents of the package (such as harmful vapors) and the contents of the package from exposure to outside elements (such as oxygen and moisture). Our packaging solutions are scientifically designed and tested to meet applicable Federal and State OSHA and DOT requirements.

Our Focus: Packaging for mercury containing products

VaporLok™ Product’s initial focus is on providing environmentally safe packaging solutions for mercury containing products. Our packaging solutions enable the safe transport of mercury containing products through the use of patented recycling solutions that include our Mercury VaporLok® bag technology. This technology protects the consumer, generator and transporter of mercury containing products from accidental exposure to mercury vapors.

The product was initially developed in response to promulgation of the Universal Waste Regulations by the USEPA in 1995 and the subsequent inclusion of mercury filled thermometers (1995), fluorescent lamps (1999) and mercury devices (2005), into those rules. All of these products contain mercury. The intent of the new regulations was to facilitate environmentally-sound collection of these wastes with minimal paperwork, so as to encourage recycling.

The technology was initially used by Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc. (a former affiliated company) in their LampTracker Division, which included their LampTracker, DentalTracker and DeviceTracker product lines. This division was sold to Waste Management in 2007. Waste Management continues to use this technology in their WM LampTracker commercial and consumer fluorescent lamp recycling programs.

VaporLok™ Products is committed to developing new products that meet our mission of providing safe transportation of mercury containing products. We have several offerings under development aimed at providing the consumer a safe package that can be integrated into retail or utility take back programs, kiosk collection, household hazardous waste programs or curbside collection programs.

Other Applications

Our packaging solutions are ideal for applications where the material to be stored and transported is sensitive to moisture and /or oxygen or needs to remain sterile. Our foil barrier material is FDA approved, is heat sealable and has extremely low oxygen and moisture vapor transmission rates. This packaging is currently used in a number of industries including food, medical, pharmaceutical, labs and many other industries.